when: released on sugar free records in early summer 2000
where: recorded at space67 in cambridge MA
mastered by jeff lipton at peerless mastering.

who: recorded alone except with jason on "future is now"
art: designed with duane holmblad at pyfite. photo by niels alpert.

track listing //
02 we could've been big
03 1000 dancing people sing with sub-machine guns

04 wow! (dig the no scene)
05 interlude
06 crazy
07 future is now: yesterday
08 at the symphony, i could be
09 an evening at the boston music awards
10 the only, only one--parts I & II

released in the UK and Europe on Shifty Disco with these
additional tracks:
01 stoned and proud
02 slowpoke hippy joke

word: this album was recorded in two weeks, the songs sequentially,
on an 8-track. most were based on 4 track sketches that i had
accumulated during the A&M days. i basically wanted to make an
acoustic record. something quiet and opposite of the sonic assault
that dominated dope box. however, i couldn't resist the urge to play
with sounds. the original idea was to mix the entire album as one
song since most everything overlapped but without an automated
board it was futile. i think making aviating was the most relaxing
and fluid recording experience I've ever had-- probably
because there was almost no one else in the world involved.