released on A&M records in september 1998
where: recorded at sunset sound factory in los angeles. mastered by george marino at sterling sound.
who: produced by chris shaw and jd. chris also engineered with the assistance of husky hoskulds. joe klompus played bass and keyboards. jason sutter played drums and percussion. john dragonetti sang and played guitars and keyboards.
art: designed by jeri heiden and larimie garcia. photographs by william claxton

track listing //
01 debutante
02 psycho clogs
03 seem so tired
04 dope box
05 sinner's delight
06 surfin' the charles
07 where are we
08 tall buildings
09 best friend
10 distorto toy-drum love
11 i feel really o.k.
12 kung fu dub
13 blue summer sunshine*
14 stole that smile*
*vinyl only

word: this was the only full band record. it was pretty much layed out on 4-track before we went to LA to work with chris. we spent lots of money and it took six weeks to complete. the mixing was done at green street studios and the big house in NYC. sonically speaking anyway, i think that there's alot of cool stuff on the record. i've since learned that there are simpler ways to acheive some of what we were going for. we essentailly attempted to cut and paste with live instruments to tape and with very little computer. i'm all for tape, but some things make the process a little easier -- and cheaper. two months into promoting the album it was known that universal would be taking over polygram which owned A&M. we knew we were fucked.