released on scientific records in the fall of 1999
where: recorded at space67 and 76place
who: master cylinder and j.drag (peter ducharme and john dragonetti )
art: designed by aron at alphabet arm and jd. (actual photocopy of jd's boombox, very "radio clash" indeed.)

track listing //
01 ultrabollywood
02 tidal wave
03 ultrasound
04 76 place
05 i've been shot*
06 freedom of speed*

*only on cd

word: peter and i had met at a certain music school in boston in 1987 and it took twelve years to finally find the time to collaborate. i'd been busy playing in bands which eventually led to jackdrag and peter was doing pretty much the same in a parallel universe. more recently though, he's been composing for television. he's the one who did the brilliant music for that volkswagen spot where the yuppie's are driving through new orleans in the rain and the music is perfectly in sync with all movement including the windshield wipers. in any case, peter would often come up with a loop and i'd compose over it, or it would simply be the other way around. i would usually do all my parts at space67 on my DA38 and then bring the tape over to his house (76 place) where we would dump it on to pro-tools. he would then do his thing. the two "bonus" tracks were recorded on cassette 4-track. though encouraged to, we never did put together a live show. i'm sure we'll collaborate again but whether it will be under the jr.commy moniker remains to be seen.