released on hep-cat. summer of 1996.
where: recorded at space67 in allston, MA and mastered at m-works.
who: just jd except for "dope box" and "jelly fish" which featured eric paul on drums and bernard georges on bass. mixing assistance by jon lupfer at the old q-division and wally gagel at bliss.
art: jd (cut paste and photocopy) & david curtiss (computer)

track listing //
01 velour
02 loop
03 hail the caffeine dream
04 should've told
05 dope box
06 there was a moon
07 friends
08 raincoat
09 space 67
10 bright day
*released in japan on tone vendor

released in Japan on Tone Vendor with these additional tracks:

01 surfin' the charles
02 jelly fish
03 green cherries

word: this cd, amongst friends and various band mates is, often referred to as "the red record" and cataloged as "pop spelled backwards". initially self-released on devil's weed, inc. , the 4-track recordings had begun to accumulate and were compiled to make this the debut full-length thanks to Archers of Loaf manager, Shawn Rogers. eric and bernard--who had just joined throwing muses -- helped arrange the original version of "dope box" which was later recorded for the album titled after this song. also, the japanese release contained the original version of "surfin' the charles".