released on hep-cat in early summer 1997
where: recorded on cassette 4-track at space67 in cambridge MA and mastered at m-works in boston
who: jd solo and jd with jason and joe.
"freakin'..." was mixed by mathew ellard at fort apache
art: jd (yes, those are truly "simplicity pattern" girls)

track listing //
01 unisex headwave
02 nilla wafer
03 cha cha
04 screw
05 surfin' le charles
06 "hey rod, what's the word?"
07 tattoo
08 bad mood
09 freakin' in cali, stoned
10 veenus
*released in japan on tone vendor

released in Japan on Tone Vendor with these additional tracks:
01 wash my soul in muddy water
02 tango

word: this was the record that bridged the lonsome bedroom recorder to the full on sonic pop trio that made "dope box". the tracks "unisex headwave", "cha cha", "screw", "sufin' le charles", "tattoo" and "bad mood" were band efforts. this, the second version of "surfin'..." was actually done as THE GODS OF THUNDER. a kid's drumkit, twangy bass drenced in reverb and tremelo with the guitar and vocals overloading the same amplifier had us sounding like indy rockers on AM radio. there was actually a remix done of "freakin'..." by this guy, tommy d, who had worked with tupak and some other rap super-stars. essentially, he put tupak and scarface rhymes over our basic tracks -- sprinkled with a little 808. pretty fuckin' cool in a really weird way.